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Influencing the World through Positivity, Kindness, and Love .. #ChadChange
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Welcome to the Movement! Are you ready to Change Your Life? We are Here to Help!

We are a Movement of Positivity. #MovementinMotion

da_ chad (Chad Ehlers) is the Founder & Leader of the ChadChange Movement. The ChadChange Movement is a safe place for people who are hurting and in need of inspiration and support. Chad uses his leadership to inspire change in the lives of others through this movement. By being a social media influencer, Chad takes the power of dance and music to inspire others to overcome, be better and promote positivity.

In the midst of a world pandemic, Chad made a life-changing career move from his professional nursing position to a full-time social media Influencer almost overnight when his youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Through the use of Chad’s uplifting content, via his social media platforms, he quickly built a thriving community of positivity, inspiration and support. By bringing together genuine inspirational leaders, Chad has created a movement that is changing the world. What started as a small group of friends supporting each other, quickly grew into a worldwide movement where people feel inspired and motivated despite the struggles they may face in their lives.

Chad Change Movement

Da Chad
Chad change

Since its inception, the ChadChange movement has grown to over 300 Positive Influencers, including: 9 Mental Health Support groups, Resouces, Mentoring, Prayer, and even Inspirational Speaker’s groups aimed at helping other’s to share their stories. Our support extends to inspiring, motivating, spreading love to individuals, reaching out on social media platforms, as well as donating monthly to different charities and causes. Through this movement, families have been helped and lives have been changed.

The ChadChange is accepting of all races, genders, ethnicities, orientations, and religious backgrounds. Here, we pass no judgment and take no sides, we take no view. Except one view and that is we are all human beings deserving of love. Together, We aim to inspire, empower & to change lives through the Power of Positivity through Music and Dance.