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Meet Chad Ehlers: The TikTok Sensation Behind "The Chad Change Movement"

The brilliant social media influencer and former whiz kid Chad Ehlers is making waves around the world. As one of the leading personalities on TikTok, Chad, or “Da_Chad,” has launched a movement that is taking social media by storm.
Before becoming the powerhouse he is now, Chad Ehlers was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he grew up with six brothers and sisters and was diagnosed with ADHD. At a young age, he was a recognized genius after securing a college entry on a top scholar program in 6th grade.
The next several years would only prove Chad’s excellence. In high school, he was involved in music and sports. He later completed his college education from esteemed institutions such as the Cleveland State Community College, LSU, University of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and
Southern Adventist University.
Chad Ehlers launched a career as a medical nurse with an associates degree in Nursing, a bachelors degree in exercise science, and a masters degree in Athletic Science and Kinesiology.
He later decided to expand his service internationally by becoming a social media influencer.
Operating as “Da_Chad,” he became a sought-after motivational TikToker. His uplifting and encouraging videos quickly gained the influencer a whopping 1.2 million followers and over 21million likes on the platform. This became the foundation of “The Chad Change Movement.”
The movement, somewhat inspired by Da_Chad’s former wife that suffered from chronic depression and eventual suicide, is dedicated to the upliftment of people suffering similar
problems, anxiety, mental health disorders, domestic violence, abuse, and cancer.
Chad Ehlers started “The Chad Change Movement” to spread positivity in his community and to do his part in making the world a better place. Since its launch, the movement has garnered the support and engagement of numerous people. It has continuously provided inspiration and motivation to help individuals overcome their daily struggles.
As a social media influencer, motivational leader, inspirational speaker, humanitarian, and nurse; Da_Chad is an optimistic force that has taken over the online community. As the genius behind The Chad Change Movement, Chad Ehlers has been featured in such notable publications as: Influencive, Forbes, The American Reporter, NY Weekly, US Times Now, LA Wire, and countless more.
Learn more about Chad Ehlers and follow his journey of hope on the Master Creator’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel, and official website.

Chad Change Movement

Speaker’s Bio:

Chad has been the keynote speaker at his nursing graduation and he has also been booked for reality tv shows such as America’s Got Talent. He holds a BS & MS from LSU in Exercise Science as well as an Associates degree in Nursing and is a professional personal trainer.

Chad is available for speaking on the following inspirational topics:

  • Developing Leaders
  • Influencing through Social Media
  • Families Overcoming Suicide
  • Parents Dealing with Childhood Leukemia
  • Single Fatherhood
  • Motivational Living in Everyday Life
  • Nursing
  • Weight Loss
  • Living the Transformed Life

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