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Meet Chad Ehlers: The TikTok Sensation Behind "The ChadChange Movement"

Chad Change on Google

Influencing the World through Positivity, Kindness, and Love .. #ChadChange 2020 © da_chad

Being a Father by Choice

What inspired you to be a dad?

We all at one point or another can become a dad; however, to be a father is a different story.
I was inspired to be a father by my own dad and upbringing. Because my childhood was difficult, I wanted it to be better for my children. Through my own experiences, I wanted to work harder and give my children a different childhood.

With my teenage daughter, I choose to spend my time with her. I love to dance, and dancing with her builds a bond! It is important to spend time and build bonds with your children, especially as a teenager because they can drift away during that time. Being a social media influencer has actually brought us closer together and created an opportunity for us to laugh, smile, and dance together.
With my younger daughter, Mia, we went on a daddy-daughter hospital date. When she was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year, we were in and out of the hospital, so I had to find ways to build our bond. I found that even in the worst of times, we can still have a strong connection and bond together.

Chad Change Movement

What do I do on my downtime?

In my downtime, as a social media influencer, I like to dance. I always say that dancing in all of its forms is the world’s most powerful expression. I use my form of dancing to express and spread positivity worldwide. Nursing can be a very challenging career and the things we see can sometimes take a toll on your mental health. Unfortunately, my wife found no other way out of coping with her depression that this work brought on and she took her own life. This is why I believe so strongly in supporting those with mental health conditions because I understand that the struggle is real. As a result of overcoming the effects of my former wife’s suicide & dealing with the effects of my daughter’s cancer, I have started support groups online. I am even empowering my teenage daughter to start her own groups for teens online who are struggling with depression. Together we support each other and seek to change the world.

How It All Started

It all started on TikTok. I and my older daughter started by dancing on TikTok and we grew very close. I enjoyed it so much that I stayed on TikTok and even started a positivity movement; our movement has now traveled to other platforms. Together we are making a difference & saving lives. I want to say thank you to everyone for all of the prayers & support throughout the process of developing this movement of positivity. 🙏😊

Our movement is made up of all volunteers. Each member has their own testimony about how they found the ChadChange Positivity Movement; How they came across my page or my life and how my message spoke to them and saved their life. So many people are going through depression, my previous wife took her own life nine years ago; she also suffered from depression. The whole reason I started this movement was to honor her legacy & to save lives. Now, we have all of these positive social media influencers coming on board, who also want to save lives & make a difference. These influencers give of their time and together, we have the chance to make an even greater global impact, save lives and even change how social media is used!

What is the Ⓜ️ ChadChange Ⓜ️ Positivity Movement?

Through our ChadChange Positivity Movement, we now have over 300 people around the globe, 18 different online small groups, and 9 mental health support groups. It’s very simple, everyone has a story and has had a hard time in their life. Whether it be: Divorce, abuse, eating disorders, cancer, etc. Together, we provide support for people across all platforms spreading positivity, love, being optimistic, and giving hope. I get a request for people to join every day and I bring them into the ChadChange to help them better their lives. I believe all people have good in them and have the ability to do good, they just need the confidence to understand that they can lead the world in a better direction. Every person is a leader in their own life & family. We inspire & empower people to lead.

We also donate to other charities every month. Each month, a different charity is chosen and one hundred percent of all profits from the sale of our customized merchandise goes to that month’s chosen charity. I say all that to say this, no matter what your circumstances are, you can choose to be an example. I strive every day to spread kindness to this world no matter what is going on around me and the result is that my girls look up to me as a role model and father figure; in the end, that is enough of a reward for me.